Technical identification of the building includes the constructional, mechanical, electric and safety properties of the building. The areas defined as Tenant Areas shall be delivered as set forth in the hand over conditions to the Tenants. The decoration and operationalization of the tenant areas shall be carried out by Tenants provided that these are fulfilled within the scope of the terms and minimum specifications set forth by the land owner.

Carrier system of Torun Tower Project is designed by YAPI TEKNİK as reinforced concrete and steel under the consultancy of Prof. Dr. Zekai Celep and Prof. Dr. Kadir Güler from the Istanbul Technical University. • C40 type concrete is used in the foundation whereas C60 type is used for the superstructure. • The building has almost 10.000 square meters settlement area and the tower block rises within 1600 square meters of this total. The total construction area is 108.000 square meters. • The floor heights of the building which consists of 41 floors, 6 floors being the basement and 1 being the ground floor is 4,5 mt gross in podium floors and the net is 3,5 excluding the flooring which is raised 18 cms and the suspended ceiling and 4 mts at the tower floors and the net is 2,7 mts excluding the floorings which is raised 18 cms and the suspended ceiling. • The height of the ground floor is 12 mts and the height of installation floor is 6 mts. The total height of the building starting above the foundation is 177,6 mts. • basement floors and car park floors and 1st and 2nd.floors are podium office floors. There is a connection to the subway from the 2nd. basement floor. There are restaurants and a lobby in the ground floor of the tower. The tower, excluding this floor consists of 31 office floors and 3 technical floors. • Cassette system on the parking floors and plane girder on the office floors will be used for floor covering. • There is an elevator operating between - basement floor and the ground floor, 3 elevators operating between car park floors and the ground floor, 12 elevators at the core of the tower operating as lower zone and upper zone and an emergency elevator serving for all the floors, 2 elevators operating between 6 basement floors, 2 elevators operating at the subway-building connection, 1 inoffice independent elevator serving for the top 3 office floors and also there are 2 escalators operating between the 1st and 2nd basement floor and the ground floor. • Kitchens and washrooms will be covered with marble and wall paper / paint. • There are swinging doors at the building entrance and leaf doors beside those doors. • Epoxy floor coverings will be used on the car park floors. • Prekast coverings will be used in the office floors and mechanical and electrical rooms. • Prekast coverings will be used for fire escapes. • Natural stone will be used as floor covering on the lobby and office floors and natural stone and paint will be used for stone walls. • There are floor gardens in the building and kitchen in the core areas and 3 prayer rooms in 3 different floors. • The building is designed to bear 500 kg/m2 mobile load in the car park floors, 1000 kg/m2 on the routes to be used for transportation of articles, 350 kg/m2 on the office floors, 1500 kg/m2 on the ground floor garden areas. • Internationally recognized Etabs and Safe programs were used for the design of the building and the building complies with the terms of Ts498 and Regulations Concerning the Buildings to be constructed in Earthquake Regions.(2007) Wind loads are based on the İstanbul wind regulation for.
Electric system
Main power supply network of the building is supplied with 4 pcs 1600 kVA dry type transformers. In house AG distribution will be 400/230 V AC, 50 Hz Vertical energy distribution will be provided with busbar system and a flexible and a reliable electric system is designed. Prime type generators are installed to supply back up power. The system will have a %100 back-up. Torun Tower is designed as a "smart building" including all the state of the art technological innovations and an IP system fiber infrastructure is installed.
Heating and cooling ınstallations
Heating and cooling of tower floors will be carried out air cooled 3 pipe VRV system. Outside units will be installed in the mechanical rooms in the 2nd floor, 21st floor and the roof and the pipes will have access to the floors through the shaft in the core. Heating and cooling of podium floors will be carried out air cooled 3 pipe VRV system. Outside units will be installed on the ground floor and the pipes shall have access to the offices through appropriate spaces.
Air conditioning Installation
Air condition system is designed to make use of HRV devices in the tower and podium floors. 36 m3/h per capita fresh air capacity will be provided in consideration of 1 persons per each 7 m2. Smoke discharge and exhaust ventilation will be done through jet fan system in the car park and Common Areas.
Energy tracking and invoicing system
An electric usage contract will be executed with each tenant, operation on each floor. Electric energy consumptions (network and generators separately) will be measured by means of electronical submeters. The required infrastructure is foreseen for Tenant's UPS system use. Individual subscriptions will be contracted with İSKİ, if applicable. Fresh water, individual cold water meter of each section will be installed in the meter cabinet to be built in the floor installation room. The building management will issue invoice for fresh water. Heating and cooling; will be invoiced via VRV software
Lighting system
Lighting and switch distribution system is designed in compliance with IEC, VDE and TSI Standards. The lighting of the lobby, elevator halls, landscaping, fronts, car parks, parades will be controlled via lighting automation system from a central point. In order to enable maximum energy saving and provide flexibility in the building, a lighting control and lighting automation system is designed. The car park areas are designed with 25% battery kit support. Battery kit lighting luminaires will continue to illuminate for 3 hours in case of interruption in the network and generators. In consideration of the safety of the humans, 30 mA residual current relays are installed on the panels for lighting and switches. All the lighting and switch cables are designed as halogen free cables provided that they are installed inside the ceiling or non-conducting rigid pipes on and under the plaster and inside the suspended ceiling. Again halogen free cables will be installed inside high pressure resistant heavy duty pipes for embedded pipe implementation.
Sanitation system
Waste water infrastructure will be installed in all the offices. Waste water lines passing through car park floors will be horizontally brought together and be taken outside the building from a floor which will be higher than city sewage system elevation. Those which are not higher than the sewage elevation will be accumulated in the cesspools and be discharged through pumps. Car park surface drainages will be accumulated at the pits built at suitable spaces and be discharged to drainage manholes via pumps. Potable water will be supplied from municipal water system. Water tanks will be common for the entire building and full automatic packet hydrophores with frequency converters will be used for water distributing and pressurizing. Tower floors (for being high blocks) will be segregated into 4 vertical pressure zones. Pressure reducer (regulator) will be installed to minimize pressure differences between the floors (in order to enable outlet pressure maintain the set value at zero flow rate). Individual cold water meter of each independent section will be installed in the meter cabinet built in the floor installation room.
Security system
Security System contains four sub systems as IP CCTV system, entrance detection system, explosive control system, iris detection and card pass system.
Closed circuit monitoring system (IP CCTV)
IP CCTV System is envisaged to enable 24-hour monitoring of the surrounding of Torun Tower Building, car park entrance and exits, entrances of security related areas, floor elevator halls and elevator cabinets with cameras. Indoor and outdoor coloured stationary and coloured mobile type cameras will be used throughout the system. The system is designed to enable the images of the cameras be 7/24 recorded with the network recording device at the main security centre. All cables to be used throughout the system are designed as halogen free.
Entrance detection system
The doors not monitored with card pass system (fire escapes, depots, rooms controlled by building management) will be monitored with magnetic contacts. Security alarm buttons (panic buttons) are installed in the information centres in the lobbies. Security personnel, automatic pass system and licence plate recognition system will be available at the car park entrances.
Iris detection and card pass system
Biometric iris detection system is foreseen to record the persons entering the Torun Tower and to monitor the entrances and exits. Biometric iris detection system is considered for the turnstiles and one swing-gate (disabled entrance door) in the building. Card pass system is considered for the technical space doors and operation offices areas in the building. All card readers will be approximation type. It will be coordinated with the magnetic contact to be installed over the door and door lock manufacturer. Card pass panels will transmit data to the centre through a data line. The barriers at the personnel car park entrance gate will be controlled by remote card readers and the entrance and exit data will be transmitted to card pass system centre.
Explosive control system
A micro-processor controlled explosive and weapon search system with high operational safety is designed to perform explosive and weapon/metal detection at the main entrance gates of the building.
Fire detection and warning system
Fire Detection and Warning System; will operate in coordination with other systems such as automation, HVAC, elevators, emergency announcing and earthquake detection system. Sprinklers and fire cabinets will be built. Sprinkler system will not be installed in AG and OG main electric power rooms, UPS room and wet areas. Fire cabinets will be placed at floor lobbies. Fire brigade water supply inlet will be placed in the fire safety hall in each floor. Stairs and fire elevator will be pressurised. CEN/TS 54 standards series under 89/106/EEC Building Materials Directive, Regulation Concerning the Protection of the Buildings from Fire ( 09.09.2009) and CEA4040 European Underwriters Association document are taken into consideration in the design of Fire Warning System Fire detection and warning system is designed as light and sound alarm systems. All cables used in the system will be fire resistant. For CO (carbon monoxide) detection to be carried out in the car park a separate CO detector will be used and thus accumulated gas will be discharged by activating the smoke exhaust fan in the area where such gases accumulated. The building will be protected by hydrant system from the exterior and Hydrant system will be installed in the car park and common areas and fire brigade inlet (siamese connections) will be installed to enable fire department to supply water from outside to inside. A connection hose connected to this outlet will be directly connected to the wet fire fighting systems pumping line. Smoke discharge in the car parks will be done by jet fan system and central smoke discharge system will be installed in common areas.
Emergency announcement and speaker system
An "Emergency Announcement and Music Play System" is designed with an intention to transmit alarm signals in case of emergencies or for general purpose announcement and music broadcasting. Speaker (music and announcement) system will be placed in the system central security room. Announcing system is designed in a manner to be able to give sound alarms to each floor independently. Furthermore, emergency announcements are possible in elevators, car parks and technical spaces. Light warnings are made by means of flashlights. Applied standards are ISO 7240-16:2007, ISO 7240-19:2007.
50 PAIR CAT-3 LSOH telephone lines are designed in all office floors. Thus an analogue external line infrastructure independent from the telecommunication operator is made available to office users. 4-core fiber optic cables ( 2 main and 2 back up) and copper cables for external line telephone subscription will be installed in each office unit and 2 pcs ( 8 pairs) Cat6 UTP LSOH cables will be installed. With the fiber infrastructure provided for the offices, a fast and reliable network able to meet future requirements such as IP tv, IP telephone and IP internet is supplied.
TV System
TV central is designed with 60 channel capacity and will be suitable for analogue and digital platform broadcasting.
Car park
6th, .5th .4th and 3rd basement floors are designed as carpark. The total capacity of the closed car park is 700. Tenants will be allocated 1 car park for each 100 square meters free of charge.
There is an elevator operating between - basement floor and the ground floor, 3 elevators operating between car park floors and the ground floor, 12 elevators at the core of the tower operating as lower zone and upper zone and an emergency elevator serving for all the floors, 2 elevators operating between 6 basement floors, 2 elevators operating at the subway-building connection, 1 inoffice independent elevator serving for the top 3 office floors and also there are 2 escalators operating between the 1st and 2nd basement floor and the ground floor. The elevators are designed to meet the comfort and safety conditions suitable for A+ office standards both with their passenger / load capacity and their speed.
Hand over terms
Office areas will be handed over to the users under the following terms. 1 - Hand-over of the building is intended as Shell & Core. 2 - All common HVAC installation as completed until the office entrance 3 - Ventilation ducts as completed until the office entrances. 4 - Sprinkler ana arteri ofislerin girişlerine kadar tamamlanmış durumda. 5 - Electricity ready to be connected to office boards built by the users at the floors. 6 - Central fire detection and warning system ready to be connected to detectors, speakers, flashlights to be installed inside the offices by the users.